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#5. Jordan Gavin – St George’s School U15 Prep

Zach says: “Jordan Gavin is an elite scoring winger. Dangerous off scrambles, from the top of the circle, off the wall, and on the rush (especially as the trail). Jordan is one of, if not, the purest sniper in the upcoming draft. He can manipulate the release point, explode a quick snapshot with his weight transfer, all while being absurdly accurate.”

“A steady and typically reliable player off of the puck, Jordan is patient in finding his opportunities. Something he is working on adding to his game is adding a dimension to his offensive skillset, now that defenders expect and know him as the shooter, he is mixing in the ability to distribute a pass low to an open teammate for a high-quality chance. Becoming a true dual-threat from the left wall should be a priority for him to ensure defenders at the next level are kept on their toes.”

“Gavin shows subtle and mature plays when he gets possession in his own zone. Whether it be slowing up to set up the breakout or identifying a quick opportunity for an exit and rush. His off-the-puck play rarely screams urgency, but he is typically reliable and consistent in his positioning and support. These clips demonstrate calm and cool decisions with the puck as well as his strong stride and ability to be an effective forechecker at times.”

“It is clear Gavin has no issues processing the game and typically makes a simple, heads-up play with the puck. These plays are typical of a more mature player. He is at his best when facilitating the offense and capitalizing on the many opportunities he finds himself in by finding space and having an innate ability to find and bury pucks near the net. He won’t wow you with his stickhandling or dynamic skating off the rush at this point, but his game is already suited to being a steady winger at the next level and an elite finisher. We are excited to see him add new elements to his toolbox to become an all situations winger and not only a shooting threat, but a passing threat as well.”

#4. Seth Tansem – Rink Hockey Academy Kelowna U15 Prep

Ash Says: “You can’t help but watch Seth and appreciate the athleticism, but what has my interests peaked the most is what he’ll be in three to four seasons time. From the last half of the previous season to now, I don’t believe anyone in this class has shown the improvements that he has. The reasoning for Tansem being rewarded as our top defender on our list is evident at least to DUBNetwork Scouting.” 

“His skating ability and offensive generation separate himself from any other defenseman in this class. Technically his skating is very sound. From his posture, dorsiflexion, and edge work; Tansem’s capacity to create plays with his feet and vision is peerless. His top-end speed is still coming along as he’s still growing, but the quick bursts to separate in a straight line or cut and create space is impressive. He displays a proficient crossover ability both forward and backwards.”




“His anticipation and acumen in all three zones are also very impressive. Offensively he can drive the bus in transition or provide fantastic support off the rush. His vision for space is stellar, he is always around the puck and uses his skills to get creative on most possessions.”





“Seth is a also proficient playmaker running the point on the powerplay and implements himself into the cycle on many occasions with good results. Tansem has good-to-very good stickhandling skills and is able to combine that with his skating to shake free defensive pressure to advance further into the offensive zone. One of my favourite traits though is his passing. Tansem sees and stretches the ice well, although sometimes the pace isn’t always consistent, his timing on most of his passes see him break lines and find dangerous areas often. He is a great exponent of passing teammates open, slicing through layers of defence.” 





“Defensively Tansem is also very sound. He may not be the biggest amongst his peers but he does have deceptive strength. Also, his ability to cut down angles and control his gaps aid him in battles against bigger peers. He has a good defensive stick and uses all of his 5’8″/150lbs to leverage oncoming attackers to the boards. Under pressure in his own zone, he has good awareness of what’s around him and has shown in good samples that he’s able to negate the forecheck by skating through the pressure and releasing quick exit passes. Something imperative to future success being a smaller defender. Tansem can at times tend to get a bit cute with the puck under pressure, you could say explorative. Given his proven ability to break forecheck containment in much simpler, conventional ways I don’t think it’s going to be a huge issue moving forward. He does show a sound understanding of schemes and is continuing to build on positioning consistency.”

“Tansem doesn’t boast an overly heavy shot, but that’s never going to be his calling card. He does however get a lot of shots on the net from distance. He has a profound skill of finding ways to gain shooting lanes, mostly with his feet and deft deceptive puck movement. He is more adept at shooting off the rush, in the medium/high slot, and from around the circles. He has very fast hands and good extension in his shooting action that generates good pace and elevation. He’s a head-up shooter who can pick his spots too.”

“We’ve only seen a paucity so far in the CSSHL this season and to be fair, Tansem and his Rink Kelowna team haven’t truly been tested yet. Both the subtle and major improvements in his game, however, are tested and true; points are irrelevant. Tansem has a great trajectory as a prolific offensive defenceman who is going to be very reliable in his own end. With added strength and some cleaning up of rather simple errors as he develops, he will turn heads.”


#3. Gavin Garland – Delta Hockey Academy U15 Prep

Zach says: “Elite speed, physically gifted centerman. Has most of the physical tools to be a force at the next level. Blows past defenders in the neutral zone and can backcheck in a flash when engaged. A controlled exit/entry machine. Gavin has good hands and will make you pay when given space, and he is not afraid to make difficult passes through traffic. Used in all situations, an effective penalty killer that powerplays have to account for as he can easily get a takeaway or block and make you pay.”

“His physical tools make him difficult to contain on the rush and in transition. Given his abilities, to be successful at the next level he will have to be comfortable and willing to attack the middle of the ice. This heatmap courtesy of InStat suggests that Gavin might be doing himself a disservice by keeping to the perimeter with his speed at times.”

“This clip shows his ability to gain the zone and the respect the opposition gives his speed, however, he settles for the low-quality shot. Adding a stop as he gains the zone to give teammates an opportunity to jump into the play (and literally catch up) will better leverage his raw ability to transition the puck into the offensive zone. He will need to be a triple threat when carrying the puck down the wing, being able to drive wide, stop and survey, as well as attack down the gut. When Gavin is on and at his most difficult to handle for his opponents is when he attacks the middle of the ice. In this clip, he is also 1-on-3 but has more real estate and attacks the defenders down the middle forcing them into a precarious position and creating the potential to draw a penalty or get a high-quality opportunity. Afterward, he takes a quick look and is able to get a pass to a teammate in the home plate area for an opportunity on net.”

“In limited games this season, he has displayed speed and explosiveness that few possess. Last season, he displayed an intelligent and mature game few see from a first-year in the Prep division. This season, he is the horse Delta Green relies upon in tough minutes against top competition. He is doing a better job in his own zone to help his defencemen down low, however, at times he is not always making himself available for a pass as he either comes too close to the puck carrier, positions himself on the opposite side of traffic, or swoops across the open lane making it harder for his teammates to time passes. To be successful at the next level, as a centerman, he will need to be more focused on making himself available by creating lanes with pivots, stop-starts, and then using his explosiveness to beat the opposition as opposed to trying to maintain speed and “swoop” around his own zone to pick up the puck. There is a lot to like and a lot of opportunities for him to improve further and become more dynamic which is very exciting.”


#2. Macklin Celebrini – Shattuck St. Marys 14U AAA

Kaden says: “A cerebral assassin on the ice, Celebrini has an elite hockey IQ and an elite toolset to compliment that. Macklin mixes elite skating (very good edges, elite agility, and very good separation speed) with a high-end top speed to make him one of the most elusive skaters in the draft. He has very good hands and he is very deceptive with his body movement and quick hands to throw off defenders. He has very good hands in tight areas, especially, around the net to capitalize on chances down low.”




“Celebrini also displays great vision with the puck and when in the cycle shows great poise and feeds passes into dangerous areas with regularity and with good touch.”



“Celebrini can catch and receive passes whether in-front of or behind him in stride is elite, as he can corral a poor pass without skipping a beat. Celebrini’s shot is quick and accurate with a bit of steam behind it, making it especially difficult for goalies. Celebrini is a relentless player who chases pucks and wins puck battles. On the defensive side of the game, Macklin has a good stick, getting in passing lanes and breaking up plays deep in the zone. A center that is quick to help out his defenders and provide support to clear pucks and transition the play up the ice. Celebrini is a high IQ player with a high skill set that controls the game when on the ice and sets the tempo with his relentless motor and his ability to control the play. Celebrini should have no problem transitioning his game as a high-impact player from one level to the next.”


#1 Berkly Catton – Saskatoon Contacts U18 AAA

Layne says: “Catton is probably the most hyped prospect to come out of Saskatchewan since Jared Stoll and is sure to apply for exceptional status. Catton’s skating ability and strong edges allow him to battle much bigger competition the last couple of seasons, including this year as he is playing Midget AAA for the Saskatoon Contacts. Catton is a cerebral offensive player that is an exceptional playmaker who also possesses a quick and lethal release. He is a creative player who uses his quick hands to create time and space for himself. Catton played one game with the Contacts last year as a double underage and did not look out of place, even scoring a goal. There aren’t any holes in Catton’s game and the offense almost always runs through him.  Even with all his offensive tools, he is often the hardest working player on ice causing turnovers in all three zones. He is considered a strong leader by example from his teammates.”

Zach says: “Cerebral player with exceptional anticipation yet is one of the most responsible players in the draft. His decisions are all calculated and he exploits open space like no other player in the draft. Good on the walls for his size, and enjoys playing tough minutes and offensive minutes all the same. Willing to take punishment and fight through sticks and checks to make plays and is great at winning those battles. As complete an undersized center as I’ve seen at this age. His skating is solid and he utilizes a wide base to protect the puck, maintain balance, and use leverage. He is one of those players that is noticeable and makes an impact every single shift. The following video displays much of his tremendous offensive skill, but also a couple of shifts that demonstrate his battle on the walls and work ethic on the penalty kill. Towards the end of his penalty-killing shift, watch him maintain responsible positioning until he sees the defenceman whiff on the puck and he is gone (1:28). Elite.”

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