At DN Scouting we do things differently. Instead of charging for newsletters, making you wait for content, or charging exorbitant fees for access to our library, we offer an all inclusive subscription service at an affordable rate. One low annual payment entitles you to our WHL prospect content for an entire year.

Our player profiles are designed to give a more in-depth look at each player’s strengths and attributes that make them unique.  Our rankings continually fluctuate based on player development, performance, and viewings leading up to draft day.

As we grow, we hope to branch out to provide meaningful content on draft-eligible players and free agents through viewings and interviews.  Our goal is to shine a light on as many prospects as possible, including those under the radar.

DN Scouting is proud to have Zach Moffat as our Director of Scouting.  Though young in his scouting life, Zach has spent the better part of his life watching, playing, organizing, managing, and evaluating hockey of many levels. You can meet his team here.

DN Scouting harnesses the connections, power, credibility, and knowledge of DUBNetwork to deliver a unique service for fans, players, families, and teams to enjoy.

We encourage you to utilize the service for free throughout 2020, leading into our full launch January 1, 2021.