Hello everyone,

The pandemic has obviously spoiled many plans and organizations continue to roll with the punches as the second wave hits. No one knows what this season will look like or if it will be played to completion. The pandemic has also spoiled our plans for this season. With that being said, I wanted to take an opportunity to address the state of minor hockey and DUBNetwork Scouting.

Hockey leagues and associations have started in a wide range of capacities, from small groups for skills development and practice to scrimmages to league play. Many of the top WHL Draft Eligible players are currently playing their seasons, however, many of these players have been forced to live closer to home and/or switch teams. Many guidelines result in scouts not being allowed in the building.

At DN Scouting, our plan was to roll out in 2021 with a paid subscription model with a large team of scouts and a ton of compiled reports and data on the next generation of WHLers. We have decided to remain a free resource for fans, families, players, and teams for this season and reevaluate in the summer. Our priority is to shed a light on these players and provide a unique resource for all the stakeholders of the WHL first and foremost. When we reach a critical mass of content and scouts we will have to shift to an affordable paid subscription service to cover the costs associated with running a platform like this one.

During the summer, there was a technical failure with our email hosting which led to many correspondences never reaching us and ultimately hurting us. We have shifted to a new email address that we encourage you to use to contact us moving forward. DNScouting@gmail.com. We apologize for the issues in communication this has caused and if you haven’t heard back from us this is likely the reason why. Please reach out again!

If you are interested in joining our team and pursuing your passion for scouting and evaluation, please contact the email or fill our “Join Us” form which will send your information directly to our new inbox. Our team looks to learn from one another and share resources that will help us take our reports to the next level and provide value for all stakeholders.

We look forward to seeing one another in the rinks again one day. Until then, we hope to connect you to the rinks and players eligible for the 2021 WHL Draft.