G’day Mates!

Who would have thought, a 31-year old guy from Australia helping lead a team of scouts on the west coast of North America? Welcome to 2020!

Firsty, I am very grateful for this opportunity. I look forward to helping in implementing the increase of publications and overseeing the continual growth of our scouting services and content on the platform that is ‘DUBNetwork Scouting’.

Why did I choose DUB? There is an obvious need for a thorough service dedicated to covering Bantam age prospects. DUBNetwork Scouting WILL BE the go-to resource that is so desperately and deservedly needed. I couldn’t resist being a part of something special. 

With the team that we have, there is a great platform in which to launch from; it’s a passionate group with roots embedded deep within the hockey community. I am excited to see the quality of work that is to come from them and the content produced is going to be an invaluable resource for many.

Now, I’m not going to go into any novel length text here. I am however going to touch on what I am aiming to add to the team and what my content will look like.

My Focus And Goals

My main focus will be to add a little extra on top of what we view as traditional reporting. 

– More clips to accompany reports: It’s great reading scouting text, but having supporting video to go with it really helps what is written come to life with visual understanding and context.

– Tracking data on selected Bantam age players: This data will help with identifying individual strengths and weaknesses relative to peers.

These are the main components that I’ll be focusing on. And yes, this is in addition to game reports, rankings and progressive reports. Due to the cancellations in various provinces, series formats and uncertainties surrounding the season; sample sizes may vary and be smaller than ideal. 

Pandemic aside, I can’t wait to start sharing my insights and information with you all. 

This is going to be a pretty fun ride, mates.